A Message From My Mom on Mother’s Day


I headed to SoulCycle this morning to get my mind off what I knew was bound to be a difficult day. Little did I know I’d end up leaving in tears and learning one of the greatest lessons of my life.

As today marks Mother’s Day, the class was packed with moms and their daughters, smiling, laughing and taking polaroid pictures at a little station the studio had set up to commemorate the fun morning. When they asked if I’d like to grab my mom and take a photo, I simply smiled and shook my head no.

I was alone.

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The Art of Breaking Up, Part 1: Comfort Made Me Uncomfortable


It’s been 45 days since I broke up with my boyfriend of three and a half years, and I’m watching as my life slides into an uncontrolled spiral filled with heartbreak and confusion and getting completely re-lost in a life I thought I’d already found.

And this is exactly what I wanted.

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