Kendall: The Girl Behind the Blog


I’m a 27-year-old living in Los Angeles with so much and yet nothing figured out.

I’m still looking for myself, but here are a few things I know for sure: I’m a writer, an old soul and a helpless romantic.I drool over animal style french fries, cheap red wine, old records and bargain shopping. I’m a roller coaster of emotions who overthinks everything, but I have a really good heart and a solid intuition.

Though my coffee order and love for the puppy filter on Snapchat may suggest that I’m your average #BasicBitch blogger, I can assure you I am not. I’ve been through a lot in this life and take pride in the fact that I break the mold of the LA girl. I’m real. I’m vulnerable. I’m Kendall, and while I’m still not sure who that is, I’m certain there’s no one else like me.

I’m currently deep in this rocky journey called my twenties, and since it’s bound to be some of the craziest, hardest and greatest days of my life, I want to share my experiences with other people… If only to help someone, somewhere going through the same thing and asking the same questions.

So get in and buckle up! It’s about to be one hell of a ride, and I hope you enjoy taking it with me.

xx, k

Ps. i love you.

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