I’m With Love: My Opinion on the 2016 Election and Why You Need to Vote


I will be voting for Hillary Clinton tomorrow.

I would guess about 50% of the people that originally clicked this link just exited out: 10% who don’t care what I have to say about politics, 20% who are Donald Trump supporters and 20% who simply don’t give a shit about voting tomorrow or this election or hearing the names Clinton and Trump until this whole “mess” is over.

Well, the 10% can go about their merry way. I’m no political expert, and I would never pretend to be, but I’m allowed my own opinion just as you all are allowed the option to stop reading. However, I know one of the reasons I’ve found success with this blog is because I’m candidly myself, and I don’t hold back. I thought twice—no, probably three times—about whether to write about this, but I know I’d regret not staying true to myself when it comes to something that’s this important to me (I know—gasp!—it’s not just boys and wine and soulcycle).

As for that 20% of Donald Trump supporters, I cannot be mad at them. I cannot be angry. I’m heartbroken that political preferences have blinded them from the detriment this person would be to our country and his lack of knowledge when it comes to my rights or the rights of so many groups of people who make up this beautiful, free nation. But I cannot judge the Trump supporters for having their beliefs. Several of my family members and friends have and will vote for him. I just simply don’t agree with them.

However, it’s that 20% of non-voters who I’m concerned about. It’s the people who don’t particularly care about this election because they don’t feel strongly enough about either candidate…or they feel utterly repulsed by both.

I’m not here to force an opinion on you because, if we’re being honest, I didn’t vote for either one of these candidates in the primaries. But I will do my best to explain why you absolutely need to care about voting on Tuesday…

For the love of humanity.

I know so many of us have our opinions on politics—our country divided by religious and financial beliefs—but this election far surpasses any party preferences. Its meaning exceeds our opinions on taxes and war and international affairs. It’s bigger than our thoughts on the separation of church and state or gun control or anything really.

Because this election is all encompassing…this election is about humanity.

I look around, and I’m brought to tears by the world that we live in today: innocent lives being taken because of the color of their skin or the uniform they wear; murders upon murders stemming from judgments and hatred for people based upon who they choose to love or the religion they believe in; terrorism and gun violence and prejudice and racism.

At this time in our nation’s history, we don’t need politics to help move forward from this. We need love.

We cannot elect a president who called for barring certain people from entering the free world based upon their religious ideas. We cannot elect a president who marginalizes certain races and mocks the disabled. We cannot elect a president who incites violence, calls our veterans weak or makes misogynistic and sexist remarks.

We cannot elect a president who doesn’t believe in the foundation that really makes America great: freedom and family and love.

People and children, mothers and daughters and fathers and sons of all races, genders and backgrounds—whether they were born here or moved here to find a better life—should not and will not have their freedom masked by hate. In order for our country to move forward and progress beyond the series of violence that has struck our nation in recent years, we must remain united in the one thing we all believe in…love.

I know right now some of you are rolling your eyes, laughing at my hippie, idealistic mindset, and that’s totally fine. But I also know some of you are taking a second thought about what this country really needs right now. And if even just a fraction of you are still unsure about what to do tomorrow, I urge you to continue to think.

Think about what this country stands for. Think about your children and their children and the history this election will make—not only on this nation, but on the world.

Yes, we can all agree this election has been a “mess.” I, too, felt anxious over having to vote for someone I didn’t particularly believe in at first—someone I know has her flaws, as all politicians do. But no matter what, ready or not, tomorrow our lives change forever. You might as well have a say in it.

Again, I’m not imposing my opinion on you, but I will say this: I want to see someone with experience and fortitude and courage become the leader of this nation. I want to see someone who believes in the vast diversities of this country and seeks equality for all people take that seat in the Oval Office. I want to see the First Woman President take her oath and make history on the world, encouraging everyone to break boundaries and follow their dreams.

I want to see love persevere…for every single person that has ever faced hate.

Tomorrow #ImWithHer because #ImWithLove.


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